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Greenguy 08-13-2017 04:37 AM

Sunday August 13th (aka The Rare Sunday Thread)
Morning! |waves|

Didn't win Powerball :( Well, we did win $4, making it a grand total of $6 in winnings on our $28 wager |banghead|

Open House today...even if it doesn;t say it on this page |huh While that's going on, we'll be over at my stepdaughter's house putting together one of those plastic sheds...without directions |banghead|

Until then, gonna work on finishing up this new interracial site I've been working on - might actually get it finished today |thumb

Pagan 08-13-2017 06:26 AM

Husband is over at the new place installing trim, caulking corners, and grouting the floor. With some luck, we will be moved later in the week. Toilet may be set on Tuesday or Wednesday.

So, while he is away, I am working on my gay and shemale special projects. For some reason, he kind of freaks when he walks by my monitor and sees those two categories up. I just giggle and go back to work on it I am not sure what I will do once we are together again all day.

jollyhumper 08-13-2017 07:38 AM

G'day |loony|

My beloved dog got some serious stomach-problems around bed-time. (That's kinda typical)
So we've been out walking approximately every hour during last night.
I managed to get two hours in the early hours before she woke me up and we had to repeat procedure a few more times.

Now she's passed out and i'm so freakin' tired...

I will try to finish the galleries I tried to work on during the night, but they stink. Apparently I was to tired to do such and probably still is.

So maybe a HBO or Netflix day instead?

Have a great day


: My Washing Machine just gave three loud pips to tell it's finished. My dog didn't react at all. (She hate that sound). Obviously worn out. |lol|

Fonz 08-13-2017 02:36 PM

Good evening,

Spent the entire afternoon with the gf's grandfather visiting old buildings and historical places .The guy is in his 90's but still acting like he's 85.

Also got a toothache and have to get to a dentist, so that will be my first phonecall in the morning.

Other than that all is great.Have a good one!

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