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Pagan 07-09-2017 05:08 PM

Perverted Pagan's Network now accepts foreign language galleries
I noticed that I was getting a pretty good amount of European traffic over the last few months, so I decided it was time to offer them some clean treats too. Tonight, the German language section on Hot 'N Dirty Babes as well as The Erotic Cove TGP are open. True, I only have about 20 galleries there right now, but I have plenty more to add. Sites submitted don't just go to these two domains, but can be displayed on any and all that are pertinent. For example, if you submit an amateur MILF lesbian site in German, it will appear on 5 different sites with just one submit, one recip.

Because the main language of the sites is English, I do think the text should still be in English - or both languages. Some people just like looking at foreign porn, but may not speak the actual language used in the movie clips. I do accept galleries in Spanish, French, and French Canadian at this time, and can add more if there is an interest. And no, I don't speak German, but I have a growing number of sponsors that offer underexposed material.

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