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Hiring Niche Bloggers - alt, cosplay, transsexual, goth, tattoo, satanist, cam, adult & non-adult

I'm seeking niche bloggers who possess good subject matter knowledge and an entertaining writing style. Personal voice is a good thing and bylines are available.

I have current particular need for the following niches: alt, cosplay, transsexual, goth, tattoo, satanist, and cam. Both adult and non-adult content. Basic Wordpress skills required. Light Photoshop and screencapping skills a plus. Most posts are 100-300 words.

Please write to bluebloodsupport [at] with which of those niches you would like to write in. No cover letter needed, as applicants will be sent a short set of brief interview questions about your experience and skills. If accepted, you will be paid for writing and formatting 5 test posts, whether or not they end up being published. This is work for hire. If we enjoy working together, there is a lot of ongoing work available.

Blue Blood's
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