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Yes, I know Mr Skin & a lot of his employees, and this is my board, so yes, it is fucking personal. But you can't just blow thru here, make allegations against SIX companies with no supporting proof & just expect everyone to take your word for it.

James asked me to post this on his behalf:
Back in May of 2016, Dmitriy from Clickadu purchased a pop under from us on We put this pop under up and were bombarded by malware, we had to shut down the ads because of it. We told them to fix this issue and went back and forth for an entire month with them saying it was fixed only to have the problems recur. We put up the pop under and then took it down because of malware, over 5+ different times. We told them to fix this issue or we could not fulfill their campaign. During this time we lost revenue with dev time and a loss of advertising revenue. We could not get other buyers lined up, during this time because we were waiting for this malware solution to be resolved.

I have screen shots of all the malware that was being served and the issue continued. The person who purchased the ads disappeared and we never discussed this again. Unfortunately when David from Clickadu contacted me on Friday / Yesterday, I was down in Miami with my family for the Thanksgiving Holidays, so I was not able to respond. We will speak with the advertiser and get this cleared up. We have no intentions of anything malicious towards Clickadu or any other advertiser for that matter. We are a very reputable business in this industry and we aim to keep it this way. We work with many advertisers on a regular basis and have not had any issues like this. This was a situation where we said we would run their advertising once they fixed the issues, which they never did.

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